Friends Of HSH

Carmen Allgood
Carmen Allgood is a long-time client of David Patterson, produces the HSH Radio Shows, and keeps his website moving along. These programs are heard worldwide on every Sunday from 8:00 – 9:00 A.M. MST,  and are co-hosted by David, Carmen,  and Music Miles – the General Manager at Radio
Download the HSH Radio Podcast from the website each week.

Carmen is a lifelong student and devotee of A Course In Miracles; a media services specialist; and has worked in radio since 1982.

She also loves connecting with plants and animals and is a vegetarian cook, and owned a Natural Foods Store and Cafe during the 1990’s where she taught Vegetarian Cooking Classes for more than 1200 students.

As a Loveologist, Carmen scribes a blog that revolves around the energy of love and the attainment of peace of mind called

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The Robisons

Chuck and Karen Robison are devoted Soul Mates who have studied with Spiritual Masters for more than 40 years. They share a passion for both audio and video production, and utilize this energy to feature interviews with noted scholars and practitioners in the fields of consciousness, spirituality, and emerging science.

The Robisons are now in their 15th year of running their Non-Profit dedicated to facilitating the Global Conversation on Consciousness.

Contact them and find out more about their devotion on the net at

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HeartArt TherapyChristina Dietz became involved with Color Therapy after she was sickened by mold while living in Italy. Unsure of what ailed her, she was drawn to the vibration of color and healed herself . Answering the call, Christiana immersed herself in this study and runs an Art, Color and Plant-Based Therapy studio in Austin, Texas, where she helps others share her same self-healing experience.

She is also an artist, drawing on the natural world to express union and completion through an Impressionist art form that reflects the soul therapy found through the ages. Follow Christina on Facebook  and visit her on the net at HeartArtColorTherapy


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