Highest Self Healing

David Patterson offers a free 15-minute introductory session for your overall well-being via phone or Skype.

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highest self healing


our purpose

As a multi-dimensional facilitator, I work on all levels of consciousness through many different modalities.

Returning my clients to a state of being fully alive – and not just existing – is an important step in returning to the love that you really are.

With mental and emotional support, I believe all of us can lead a happier, healthier life. There is no problem too big or small that can resist the power and beauty of your Highest Self. Through this healing process your frequencies and vibrations will become more attuned to Divine Source. Your physical and emotional bodies will become whole, healthy, and loving.

The longer you stay in these higher vibrations and spiritual frequencies, the more your spiritual journey will accelerate and continue to ever-expanding health, harmony, and love.

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Yours in love and gratitude  – David Patterson

Love is a general property of all life.   Kisses Of Love from David and Lulu to you! Berry Happy!


Happy Tales

David Patterson has helped countless people overcome obstacles to health issues when nothing else seemed to work. Regardless of the form of the problem, there is real hope and real help available. Here’s what some of his clients have to say:

“David doesn’t just give out information, he helped me make lasting and fundamental changes in my life.”
Helen – Austin TX

“After my first session with David, I felt so much better and don’t know how he did it. I was so blocked and stuck no one could help me shake it, so there’s some talent that he definitely has. I will be scheduling another appointment soon. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!” Angela C – Southern California

“David is my go-to-healer when the chips are down and I  need help. He’s always the one I call.”
Tony S – Rochester NY

“Through my sessions with David, I have experienced deep physical, emotional, and spiritual changes in my life.” Krista – Denver CO


Gratitude Rocks

Like forgiveness, gratitude is necessary if  we want to experience peace of mind. Both offerings are the most profound and kindest gifts we can give to others, while reaping the full benefit for ourselves.

Offer an olive branch for every stressful situation and watch the peace return to release you and others from the conflict of holding grudges. A Gratitude Attitude will bring us peace, and it’s all for free when we are willing to side with peace in our mind.


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